Producing of more than 50% of certified citrus plants in Morocco (2 million plans per year), Les Domaines Agricoles is nowadys a leading operator in this market. 30% of the plants produced are reserved each year for the renewal and the extension of our own orchards.

Les Domaines Agricoles is highly recognizable by its very rich collection resulting from a Research and Development program which is based on several foundations. The nurseries of Les Domaines Agricoles introduce new varieties through varietal creation processes, especially through hybridization. They also ensure varietal monitoring among breeders all over the world, and ensure the provision, of healthy varieties through plant control unit (UCP) facilities. Finally, in different Moroccan citrus terroirs, a program of behavior tests help them select the varieties and rootstocks that best fit the different pedoclimatic conditions.

From seed to your fields in complete safety