Main activities

Introduction of new varieties and their follow-up with ONSSA at the quarantine station until their release for multiplication.

Sanitation of new varieties selected at the local level (and those introduced
from abroad if necessary)

Sanitary control in the laboratory, and by Biological indexing of certified parks (new varieties, starting pre-base material, and seed parks)
Management of existing certified plant material, and its availability to nurseries

Availability of nurseries with certified seeds of Rootstocks


Km 6, Rte Nle N ° 6, Hessaine, Salty

Installed structures

Different types of greenhouses
Laboratory of Sanitary Control
In- vitro cultivation laboratory
Laboratory of in-vitro farming
Seed extraction laboratory

Production capacity

Seeds: 2 tons of seeds (Carrizo citrange, C. volka, C. macrophylla, …)

Grafts: 6 million grafts / year