Our laboratory takes pride in its long experience in production of banana in-vitroplants. The large-scale production of high quality banana plants in our laboratory has contributed, to a great extent, to the development of this sector in Morocco.

Our quality system not only ensures the traceability of the batches, but also guarantees optimal conditions of production of the plants at all levels. The essential objectif of our firm is to provide homogeneous plants, free from diseases or pests, giving a high quality and homogeneous production.

A quality plant material

Obtained by in-vitro cultivation, the banana plants produced by Les Domaines Agricoles are efficient and of high quality.

Health quality

The major advantage of vitroplant, compared to rejection, resides in the absence of nematodes on the planting material. The use of banana Vitroplants of Les Domaines Agricoles on healthy soils considerably reduces nematicide treatments, associating high yields with lower pesticide use.

Agronomic quality

The Banana Plant Vitroplants of Les Domaines Agricoles stand out for a high vigor, a better homogeneity of growth, and a productivity that is superior to that obtained with conventional planting material.

Available throughout the year

With the use of vitroplants, Les Domaines Agricoles is able to satisfy your needs in quantity of plants throughout the year, thus facilitating the management of your farms.

With personalized assistance

Our nurseries, located in Souss and Gharb, the main production areas, are equipped with all the technical, logistical and human resources to provide you not only with quality plants, but also with advice, ensuring a rigorous follow-up so that your production’s goals are well achieved.