Certified citrus plants for a quality orchard

Plants d’agrumes

Les Domaines Agricoles are the leading operator in the production of certified citrus plants in Morocco (since 1985, Order of the Ministry of  Agriculture No. 768 of July 1985)

With a long experience, the Nurseries of Les Domaines Agricoles are today a first-class operator in this market with a production capacity of 2,000,000 plants / year. 
With a very rich and diversified collection, the nurseries of Les Domaines Agricoles offer a wide assortment of varieties including Mandarin Orange, Clementine Trees and the Orange trees. Other sanitized varieties and selected clones are being tested for behavior in various production areas.

Equally important, Les Domaines Agricoles has been precursor in Morocco in the sanitation of plants and have their own sanitation facilities that are certified and well recognized on the market.