The Nova is characterized by its large caliber fruits of an intense orange. Its sweet flavor and its juicy and slightly filamentous flesh are appreciated and in high demand.

Origin :Hybrid between fine Clementine trees and tangelo Orlando

Production area :Morocco, Spain, USA, ...

Maturaty period :JAN - FEB – MAR


The Ortanic is characterized by a granular bark of orange color, very rich in essential oils. Its tender flesh releases an abundant and extremely aromatic juice.

Origin :Hybrid between orange and tangerine

Production area :Morocco, Spain, USA

Maturaty period :DEC - JAN - mid-Feb


Discovered by Les Domaines Agricoles in collaboration with INRA, and marketed under the label Authentic Afourer. Seedless, the Nadorcott is distinguished by its spherical flattened shape and fine bark, very easy to peel. Its pulp offers an original flavor thanks to a perfect balance of sugar and acidity.

Origin :Hybrid between Murcott and an unknown male parent.

Production area :Morocco, Spain, South Africa.

Maturaty period :JAN - FEB – MAR