The Washington Navel stands out for its small navel at its end. Its flesh is crunchy and juicy, offering a tasting of the sweetest.

Origin :Mutation of sweet orange

Production area :Morocco, Spain, USA, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Australia

Maturaty period :JAN – DEC


The Navel Cara Cara is highly distinguished by its beautiful spherical shape and its surprising intense pink flesh. Its pulp gives off an abundant juice having a sweet taste, with a hint of acidity, a real delight.

Origin :Washington Navel Mutation

Production area :Morocco, Venezuela, Spain, South Africa

Maturaty period :DEC - JAN


Salustiana is the perfect orange juice. Its soft and fine flesh is characterized by its abundant juice with its sweet delicate and perfumed flavor .

Origin :Mutation of an orange bud Communa

Production area :Morocco, Spain, Argentina, USA

Maturaty period :DEC - JAN - FEB – MARCH


Washington Sanguine is recognizable by its oblong shape and smooth orange skin with reddish areas. Its pigmented red flesh gives off a sweet and tangy juice.

Origin :Mutation of the Double Fina

Production area :Morocco, Spain

Maturaty period :FEB – MARCH


Origin :This variety is of Californian origin, resulting from spontaneous mutation on a branch of W. Navel and propagated by P. Hackneu in Peru.

Production area :USA, récemment introduite au Maroc, Argentine, Brésil

Maturaty period :NOV – DEC


Origin :American variety resulting from spontaneous mutation of Washington Navel and discovered in California. However, it is less appreciated in Morocco because of its sensitivity to the fall very quickly.

Production area :Morocco, Spain, USA

Maturaty period :DEC - JAN


Origin :Clonal selection of W. navel at the research center of citrus in California in 1916

Production area :Morocco, USA

Maturaty period :DEC – JAN


The Navel Lane Late is named after its late harvest, late in the season. When consumed whole or in juice, the fruit offers a tender and fine flesh sweet and full of juice.

Origin :Mutation of a bud of Washington Navel

Production area :Morocco, Spain, USA, Australia

Maturaty period :FEB – MAR


Morocco Late is an orange with very late maturity. Its flesh is highly distinguished by an exceptionally high juice content rate, and a flavor of a great gustative quality.

Origin :admitted as being of Spanish origin but it was actually as a matter of fact developed in the Azores and diffused in 1860.

Production area :Morocco, Spain, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, USA

Maturaty period :MAR - APR - MAY – JUN