Origin :Morocco

Production area :Morocco, Spain, Italy

Maturaty period :SEP – OCT


Origin :Mutation of Oroval Clementine, obtained in 1970 in Bechi in Spain (region of Castellon de la Plana).

Production area :Mediterranean basin, well adapted to the hot and especially humid regions

Maturaty period :OCT - MI / NOV


Origin :Natural mutation of common Clementine discovered in Morocco by Mr. Caffin in the region of Azemmour in 1968

Production area :Morocco, Corsica, Italy, Spain

Maturaty period :END SEP - OCT


Origin :natural mutation of Clementine cadoux

Production area :Corsica - Morocco

Maturaty period :END SEP – OCT


Origin :Natural mutation of the Clementine Tree “Nules” discovered in Murcia (Spain) in 1978, Orograndé differs from the variety Nules only by a higher percentage of fruits picked from the first stage, and a slightly higher calibre. Nevertheless, some fruits remain green for a very long time on the tree.

Production area :Morocco, Spain

Maturaty period :END OCT - NOV


Clementine Nules is particularly distinguished by its very qualitative juice thanks to the excellent balance between sugars and acidity. Seedless, the pulp is melting in the mouth giving off an exceptional flavor.

Origin :Mutation of Fine Clementine

Production area :Spain, Morocco, Italy, Turkey

Maturaty period :MI OCT - End / NOV


The Clementine Sidi Aissa is well characterized by its globular form, and its beautiful orange-colored coloration. Easy to peel, seedless and very juicy, so many qualities are sought after in a seasonal Clementine.

Origin :Mutation of Fine Clementine

Production area :Morocco

Maturaty period :MI OCT - NOV - DEC


The Clementine Fina stands out for its bark among the finest. Without seeds, its tender and melting flesh releases a sweet aromatic flavor.

Origin :Hybrid of mandarin and sweet orange

Production area :Morocco, Spain, USA

Maturaty period :MI OCT - NOV – DEC


Origin :Found in the late 1960s in an orchard of the experimental station of Ain taoujdat, near Meknes. Examined under the test at the INRA station of el Menzeh. the variety Ain Taoujdat, was almost identical to the Clementine Sidi Aissa, with a good hanging of fruits on the tree, and after harvest, a high productivity and calibres bigger than the Clementine cadoux.

Production area :Morocco

Maturaty period :NOV – DEC


Origin :Clementine that comes from a mutation of a Clementine bud Fina in 1966 near Sagunto Province of Valencia Spain

Production area :Spain, Morocco

Maturaty period :MI NOV - MI / DEC


Recently labeled IGP, Berkane is highly distinguished by its slightly flattened shape, smooth bark, and exceptional orange color. Juicy and seedless, its flesh offers an exquisite sweet flavor.

Origin :Natural mutation of Clementine

Production area :Morocco (Berkane region)

Maturaty period :NOV – DEC


Clementine Nour is recognizable by its prominent peduncle and its heady scent. Seedless, its flesh has an incredibly sweet flavor that is high in sugar and low in acidity.

Origin :Mutation of the common Clementine

Production area :Morocco

Maturaty period :NOV – DEC