Since 2008, the laboratory El Bassatine, as a producer of vitroplants of date palms among others, has been equipped with a certified management system of quality (MSQ) ISO2000 of 2005 version and it makes up an integral part of a new approach of quality: integrated system ISO 2200- ISO 9001 GLOBALGAP, Management of Safety Risk, and Environmental Risks Management .
In 2015, the El Bassatine laboratory provided the production of the first batch of certified plants at a national level, and according to the ONSSA procedure.

Our Quality Management System is based on the following four essential axes:

The satisfaction of our customers,
Human resources development
Ongoing evaluation of the performance of our suppliers.

Our Quality Management System allows for:

The continuous provision of products meeting the stringent quality standards and requirements.
Ensurance of full traceability and preventing varietal mixing.
Taking advantage of an organized and rigorous communication with our commercial partners.
Strengthening the trust of our customers.